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Holistic Mission

Mark 1.32-39 Someone was asked to come up with a checklist for the signs of a healthy church. [1] He went to the Bible and came up with a good Biblical number of boxes to tick - 12 - but not all of them are relevantto our situation so I have reducedthe list to ten. The first sign of a healthy church is that everyone is welcome. And that really does mean everyone, including visitors who make a bit of noise or cause a bit of a disturbance. I think that, by and large, we pass that test. The second sign is being ready to offer uncomplaining service to our local community. I think we're moving in a positive direction on that one too. We've just got approval for a second grant towards our Parish Nurses’ project to help local people lead healthier lives. But I recognize that projects like this demand considerable effort and commitment over a sustained period of time. Like a pet, serving the community is not just for Christmas. It's a year round, decades long, challenge, which is why…