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A living covenant

Deuteronomy 26.1-11 A living covenant In Jewish worship God’s covenant with Israel  is never a dry as dust historical event from way back when, it’s a living reality, remembered and celebrated in the blessing at the end of every meal and in every act of worship. It’s a promise for the here and now. Every Jewish person is instructed to behave as if they had been there on Mount Sinai when the covenant was given, and to recite the story of how the covenant promise came about and was fulfilled. It is to be ingrained in the whole of life.
This tradition continues in the Eucharist. In the blessing after the meal we invokethe new covenant sealed by Jesus’ blood, shed on the Cross, and make it just as real for us as the old covenant is for Jewish people. The Cross is not just another event in ancient history. It’s not even just the defining event of human history, the turning point which forever reshaped the future relationship between humankind and God; it is both of those things, of course, bu…