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You Can Always Tell A Christian

You can always tell a Londoner, but not a lot – because they think they know it all already. And, of course, you can allus tell a Yorkshireman. But can you always tell a Christian?Today, of course, most people would not be able to tell a Christian, would they? They don't know who Jesus is. They don't know what Easter or Christmas are meant to celebrate. They don't know that Jesus died on a cross. So how would they be able to tell what a Christian looks like or acts like?If they had to guess how you would tell a Christian apart from everyone else, many people would probably say that we're boring, narrow minded and lacking a sense of humour. Someone wrote a song about Christians. The chorus goes like this, 'You can always tell a Christian, but you cannot tell him much! His mind is closed, impervious, completely out of touch.' That's probably a fair estimate of what a lot of people think.Atheists would go further, of course. They would say that Christians are …