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Deuteronomy 23.3-8 Mark 7.24.-37
What does it mean to belong[1]?
For some people belonging means doing things together. They feel part of their community by turning up to services and meetings, taking part in projects and making things happen with a group of other people.
For some people belonging means having a good time together. They feel they belong to their community if they go to fairs, barbecues, housewarmings, football matches, baby showers, carol services, christenings and weddings.
For some people belonging means knowing lots of people - walking down the street, or going to the shops, and bumping into friends and acquaintances, or getting on well with their neighbours, or having a crowd of people they can mix with.
And for some people belonging means where they live - the place where they grew up, which shaped the way they talk, where they feel most at home. None of these ways of belonging is better than the others. And none of us can belong in all of these ways at once. 
We don’t a…