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There's a House Inside My Mummy

John 3.1-17

Ths Bible reading about Nicodemus has a lot in common with the children's book "There' A House Inside My Mummy" by Giles Andreae. They’re both funny stories, although I think "There’s a HOUSE inside my Mummy" is funnier.

In the Bible story there’s really only one joke, perhaps because it’s much shorter than the picture story. Jesus tells Nicodemus that if we want to be close to God, and become the best kind of person that we can be, we have to be born again. But Nicodemus is puzzled, so he asks Jesus a rather silly question. I think Nicodemus knows it’s silly, but he wants Jesus to explain exactly what he means, so he asks him: ‘How can I get back inside my Mummy? Isn’t that going to make us both feel quite poorly? Because I’m going to need a lot of room!’

So, then, of course, Jesus explains to him that he isn’t talking about the sort of birth that we have as a baby - the one we don’t remember very much about. He’s talking about a diffe…