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The Hinton St Mary Mosaic

The Hinton St Mary Mosaic John 21.1-14, Acts 9:1-6

Who is the person pictured in the Mosaic? He’s a youngish looking man with shoulder length, swept-back fair hair. Most people think he’s clean-shaven, but is there just a hint of designer stubble on his chin? He’s wearing ordinary clothes for the time, a tunic or long shirt and a woollen cloak. On either side of his face there are two pomegranates! 

And behind his head are two letters superimposed on top of one another. They look like the letters P and X, but in fact they’re from the Greek alphabet and they are the letters Chi and Rho, roughly speaking our ‘CH’ sound and our letter ‘R’. So together they make the sound “Chr”, the beginning of the name ‘Christ’, so the symbol tells us that this is probably meant to be the face of Jesus staring out at us from the mosaic.

But there’s a problem, isn’t there? He doesn’t look like Jesus! We’re used to seeing Jesus with a beard and longer, usually brown hair. This picture doesn’t look like a Jewi…