Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How to stay happy all the time, and not just at Christmas

With a genuflection to some recent articles in The Financial Times and The Guardian, which gave me some of my inspiration, here's my take on how to stay happy all the time, and not just at Christmas.

  1. Remember that God is with us.
  1. Don't read or watch too much news - it exaggerates what's bad. Remember there is always good news - like the angels promised!
  1. Try to mix with young people and children - young people are optimists and children have a sense of wonder, like Mary and the shepherds in the story.
  1. We can imagine the worst because it's the best way to avoid being eaten by lions, but we shouldn't let fear get the better of us because the worst rarely happens and even if it does the story of Easter shows us that God is still with us.
  1. Work alongside God to bring peace and goodwill and focus on getting there one step at a time.

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