Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Isaiah and the emoticons

Isaiah 40:21-31

The Prophet reminds us of all the different feelings we experience when we think about our world. If we were to think it’s only here by chance, or by accident, then we would just have to take what comes - the rough with the smooth. But if we think the world is here because God set the universe in motion and gave it the potential to evolve the way it has done over billions of years, then the feelings we are likely to have could be very mixed.

As the Prophet says, we might feel surprise - surprise that, compared to the vastness of the galaxies, we matter to God at all.

We might feel worried or puzzled at the immense changes that happen each year, which can sweep politicians and chief executives away like straw being blown about in a storm, or carry off towns and cities. Why does God allow these things to happen? Are they part of a plan, or are they just chance events brought about by the coming together of lots of different causes?

When we look at the immense beauty of the world, and the universe beyond, we might just feel like rejoicing and being glad. When bad things happen, and we wonder why, we might feel glum, or even angry with God for letting things go wrong. Ad when we’re tired, we might fee down-hearted.

But in the end, the Prophet thinks that if we believe in God the strongest and most enduring feeling we will have is trust. Whatever happens, and whether we can explain it or not, we will trust that the world is basically good and God cares for us and wants the best for us.

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