Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Three Little Pigs

John 17.6-9a, 17-19

The little pigs who built their houses out of straw and sticks are like people who listen to bad advice or follow someone who's going the wrong way.

I remember once when I was in France, someone wound down the window of his car and asked me how to get to the main road. Well, I told him as best I could, but not only was I not sure myself of the way to the main road but I can't speak much French. He was like the foolish pigs, he was in danger of following some very bad advice.

The foolish pigs are also like people who sneer at the idea of a loving God. They didn't worry about the big bad wolf; perhaps they didn't think he really existed. They certainly didn't prepare for trouble. They weren't afraid of it, but they should have been because, when the wolf came along and blew their houses, down they had to run for their lives. They were like people blown by the wind.

In contrast, the little pig who built her house out of bricks is like the people who delight in God's law, who obey Jesus,  who belong to his truth and who remain in him. When trouble comes, when the big bad wolf huffs and puffs, they are like sturdy trees growing beside running water which bear good fruit. Nothing can blow them away.

Of course there aren't any wolves in Wakefield any more. But things can still go wrong in our lives. Are we like the two little pigs who put their trust in twigs and straw, or are we like the little pig who built something solid and enduring that would stand the test of hard times? Do we look to Jesus for strength and support? Do we put our trust in him?

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