Monday, January 30, 2017

Divisive times

Luke 12.49-53
We live in divisive times and people, even families, cannot help falling out over them. At a Bible study a fellow Christian commented cheerfully, in the context of recent political events, 'The last six months have been a terrible time for you, haven't they?' But for him they had been a good time!
The Gospel doesn't bring peace, it brings division. This is because we are called to stand up against whatever is happening that we believe is wrong, even if it splits our families in two and certainly if it divides nations and congregations.
I started a conversation with a colleague over lunch one day, when I reflected out loud on how it must feel to be citizens either of a pariah state or of a country whose prime minister holds hands with the leader of that pariah! This led to much soul searching and gloom about the way events are turning out. But it also led us to resolve that we have to continue to bring fire to the earth, not peace, when this is the right thing to do in order to follow Jesus.

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